O’Brien Farm

& Manure

Our Process

When you purchase our compost, you are helping support a local farm, reducing the carbon footprint of your garden by sourcing close to home, adding organic matter to your garden, and using a great natural fertilizer. What’s not to love?

Our composting process takes the better part of a year. It is accomplished by turning our cow manure and bedding in windrows periodically, generating heat that kills weed seeds and pathogens and takes away the raw manure’s tendency to “burn” plants.

The best way to use our compost is by leaving on top of your soil to a depth of three inches and planting through this layer of compost. When you mulch in this way, the soil retains moisture and you get the weed suppressing power of our finished compost.


We sell our compost in bags at our farm stand. They are $5 each. A great feature about our bags instant they can be reused if you open them by cutting the zip tie and returning them to us. This helps reduce our costs and keeps plastic out of the landfill!

We also sell compost in bulk by the cubic yard for $50/yard. We can load your truck or trailer in our yard on Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 to 2:30pm. We are happy to make appointments to accommodate you if these hours are inconvenient.

We deliver! Our truck has a 10 yard capacity. Delivery starts at $40 and is based on mileage.

We also sell an unfinished “aged” manure for garden $15/yard. This hasn’t been turned, and has more nitrogen. It is great for heavy feeders like corn, squash, and tomatoes.

Please call the barn at 978-544-1195 to place an order for delivery!