RAW Milk

Our milk is available at our self-serve farmstand 24/7, 365 days a year.  We strive to provide the freshest milk possible and request that orders of 5 gallons or more are given 24 hours notice by calling the barn at 978-544-1195 or by email.


We owe our great tasting milk to our herd of predominantly jersey cows.  We are a grade A raw milk dairy, licensed and inspected by the state of Massachusetts. Our milk is tested each month by the state milk inspector to ensure it meets the stringent requirements of retail raw milk. We bottle daily, and our milk is available in gallon and half gallon plastic bottles. Our milk will last seven to ten days beyond the sell by date if kept below 40°F. Because our milk is it homogenized, the cream rises to the top, just like nature intended, and can be shaken into the milk for a rich taste or used by itself by pouring off the cream layer. Our milk never contains antibiotics or hormones, and we strive for clean milk from healthy cows. Read more about the benefits of raw milk HERE.

Through a partnership with Little White Goat Dairy, we are producing yogurt, kefir, and spreadable cheese, available seasonally at our farmstand.

our animals

The cows are the backbone of our farm.  Ed started the farm with registered Holsteins in 1985, milking in a rented barn in North Orange.  We have began transitioning to jerseys in 2023 to improve the quality of our raw milk.  The breed, known for great tasting, high butterfat milk, now is the dominant breed in our herd.  

O’Brien Family Farm – Orange, MA